The Reiki Experience for People & Pets

The Reiki Experience for People & Pets

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Welcome to Empress Chanel’s distance Reiki healing experience. I am humbly grateful that you have considered me as your healing practitioner. Reiki healing is described as the free passage & transference of universal life force energy. "Rei" means "universal wisdom" & "Ki" means "life force energy”. If you have chosen to be healed with this compassionate energy, you have taken an important step toward overall healthy living. This is not an easy thing to decide, and I would like to let you know I am personally proud of each one of you who have decided to heal themselves from the inside out on a physical, mental, & spiritual level.

As your Reiki practitioner, I take great pride in the process I experienced to have Reiki symbols & energy transferred to my energy systems so the free flow of energy can be used during any healing session on myself or the recipient. I have been attuned with all symbols of Reiki and initiated as a Reiki Master (11th Generation, 2022) under Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui’s lineage by Master Jules Kay (10th Generation). Credentials will be sent upon request.


Reiki energy can be put into any animate or inanimate object, situation, place, etc. that needs healing and cleansing. These symbols and energy can also heal past life energy that may be affecting you in this lifetime by using symbols that transcend time and space. Distance Reiki is the alternative therapy to past life regression therapy. It is much less intense, & the client does not have to be put under any hypnotic or trance type of state. During therapy, most clients report feeling relaxed enough to take a short power nap.


Once you have checked out, you will immediately receive the download to the consent & waiver form to be filled out and returned to Video chat services are not necessary for distance Reiki healing to take place, however we will need to establish a connection in another form that is most convenient for you in order for me to read your energy & communicate what you should expect during & after your sessions as well as discuss progress from previous sessions and complete your intake form if it is your first session. All healing is done via a distance healing session in which you would only be required to carve out the allotted time for total silence & meditation for you to connect with me & receive the energy I will be sending.

A complete round of Reiki healing consists of 10 full treatments, however 3 is recommended as the minimum to experience drastic changes/effects of receiving the energy. Each session is 30 minutes - 1 hour long & if I intuitively feel as though one needs Reiki healing throughout the day, I will send booster waves of energy to you all the way until your next session. Each session is one week apart due to the side effects one may experience during this process. Many experience signs and symptoms of detoxing and a mini healing crisis may even take place. These are all normal responses and indicate the energy is working.



- Stress
- Anxiety
- Insomnia
- Depression
- Pain (back, arthritis, gynecological, head & body injuries)
- Hormonal imbalances
- Toxic Symptoms (liver function, blood disorders)
- Fatigue
- Trauma, grief (past life & current)
- Immune Dysfunction
- High blood pressure